The Security and Defense Forum is a program of the Canadian Department of National Defence designed to develop domestic competence in defence issues related to Canadian security

CIR's Security and Defence Forum (SDF) Program has existed at UBC since its inception in 1971 and seeks to advance the study and understanding of security and defence issues through the following activities:

  • curriculum development and teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels;
  • support of senior graduate students and postdoctoral fellows;
  • support for research, across disciplines, relevant to international and Canadian defence, peace and security;
  • encouragement of informed scholarly and public debate on peace, security, and defence policy issues;
  • organization of conferences, lectures, and seminars;
  • participation in academic, official, and public meetings in order promote high quality, policy-relevant research;
  • dissemination of information and materials to the academic, official, and attentive public communities in Canada and abroad regarding international security issues, particularly as they reflect Canadian perspectives and Canadian concerns; and,
  • cooperation and coordination with university, government, non-governmental, and private sector partners to broaden perspectives, share resources, and advance policy-relevant research and debate.
    • About the Security and Defence Forum (SDF) Centres and Annual Conference

      The Security and Defence Forum (SDF) centres are twelve independent Centres of expertise in security and defence, supported through grants from the Security and Defence Forum program at the Department of National Defence. The twelve SDF centres include more than 700 faculty, researchers, students and staff from fourteen universities across Canada. The annual SDF conference is intended to highlight centre research activities and to foster interaction among SDF centres and the broader Canadian security and defence community.