The traditional strengths of the Centre are in the areas of Canadian foreign and defence policy, international security (especially conflict and conflict resolution), and Asian Pacific security.

In the past five years, the CIR has broadened its substantive horizons to include European security (in cooperation with the UBC Institute of European Studies) and human security (in cooperation with the Canadian Consortium on Human Security). The Centre has established closer working relationships with new programs at UBC, such as the Institute of European Studies, the Institute of Asian Research, U.S. Studies Program, The Armed Groups Project, the Human Security Centre, and the Simons Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Research. A productive relationship with international relations research faculty at Simon Fraser University led to several successful projects.

In the next five years, the CIR will look to expand its substantive expertise on Asia-Pacific, European, and North American security issues, while acting as a focal point for research and dialogue on the themes of global and regional security governance, peace support operations, and Canadian security and defence. In doing so, the CIR will build on the research interests of a large number of new faculty and new research and teaching programs at UBC. The Center will expand its vision and program of activities by:

  • Expanding an ongoing research agenda on global and regional security governance;
  • Creating a stronger research focus on peacekeeping and peace support operations in the context of failed and failing states;
  • Developing a research program on US-Canada security relations and homeland security;
  • Supporting a project on the Transformation of the Military;
  • Building on its existing strengths in Asia-Pacific security issues and flashpoints;
  • Enhancing the existing research program on European security and defence issues; and
  • Establishing a relationship with faculty and students at the new UBC Okanagan campus.