25 July 2009  "A Forewarned Future: As 'Climate Security' forecast darkens, is Canada Ready?", by Mike Blanchfield. Margaret Purdy, principle investigator of the CIR's climate change and security project, comments on the security implications of climate change and Canada's lack of a climate change strategy.

Phil Orchard, The CIR Security and Defense Forum (SDF) Postdoctoral Fellow has completed his SDF working paper entitled Regime Induced Displacement and the Dilemma of Civilian Protection: The Case of Darfur.

The CIR working paper series has three new submissions: The Challenge of Constructing Legitimacy in Peacebuilding: The Case of Afghanistan and The Challenge of Constructing Legitimacy in Peacebuilding: The Case of Timor-Leste by Daisaku Higashi, and Environmental Activism or National Security Threat? Policy Options for Addressing Radical Environmental Targeting, by Kate Neville and Leanne Smythe.

16 June 2009 The Liu Institute’s Benjamin Perrin was recognized as a "Hero in the Fight Against Modern-Day slavery". This prestigious award was presented to nine individuals as part of the annual global Trafficking in Persons report released by Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State.

Opinion Article by Margaret Purdy and Leanne Smythe. 06 April 2009 Harper a laggard in grasping security risks of climate change.

January 2009 The Centre of International Relations has become involved in the Canada International Council (CIC) project on Canada-China Relations, directed by Pitman Potter of UBC.

December 2008 The Centre of International Relations launched a new research project: Climate Change and Security: A Canadian Perspective.

22-25 October 2008 The Centre of International Relations in conjunction with the Liu Institute for Global Issues and Maritime Forces Pacific, Esquimalt, BC hosted the Security and Defence Forum Annual Conference: Canada and the Changing Strategic Environment:
The Canada First Defence Strategy and Beyond.

September 2008 Publication announcement: Moral Limit and Possibility in World Politics edited by Richard M. Price, University of British Columbia

24 June 2008 Publication announcement: The Politics of Global Health Governance: United by Contagion by Mark W. Zacher and Tania J. Keefe, University of British Columbia