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Recent Events

14 September 2009 Lecture by Lawrence Scheinman entitiled “Reconciling Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Proliferation: Challenges and Responses.” See here for more details.

18 August 2009 Veronica Kitchen lecture entitled "The Vancouver Olympics at the Intersection of Local, National, and International Security" See here for more information.

25-26 June 2009 The Center for Korean Research (UBC) hosted a conference entitled . "Emerging Issues of North Korean Foreign Policy" which brought together the world's foremost scholars on North Korea to examine the future North Korean foreign policy orientation.

13 May 2009 The Centre of International Relations and Liu institute present Walter Dorn "When is Armed Force Justified in World Religions? A Comparative Scriptural Approach." 12:30 -2:00, Liu Institute Boardroom. Please RSVP to cirseminars@exchange.ubc.ca by Monday May 11, 2009.

14 April 2009 The Centre of International Relations hosted Dr. Jeffrey Checkel who spoke on "Causal Mechanisms and Civil War."

29 March 2009 – 31 March 2009 The Centre for International Relations, Liu Institute for Global Issues, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia; in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross, hosted an International Humanitarian Law Conference, “On the Edges of Conflict” at the Liu Institute in Vancouver, Canada. For further information, please visit www.edgesofconflict.com

9 March 2009 The CIR presented Dr. Yoshihide Soeya on "U.S. - Japan Relations under the Obama Presidency: Implications for East Asia." Dr. Soeya is currently the the director of East Asia studies at Keio University.

3 March 2009  "Enhancing Canada's Voice on the International Law Commission," a one-day, interactive discussion forum about issues in international law and Canada. Students will have a chance to ask questions about careers in international law at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and Justice Canada. Presented by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy, the Liu Institute for Global Issues, and UBC.

2 March 2009 The CIR hosted Sarah Taylor, director of the Asia division of the International Assessment Staff of the Privy Council Office, for an informal seminar. She discussed key issues of concern in the Asia, with a particular focus on security.