Council for Security Cooperation in the Asian Pacific -

Regional Security Outlook

The CSCAP Regional Security Outlook (CRSO), CSCAP's flagship publication is edited by Brian Job and Erin Williams of the CIR and published by the CIR for CSCAP. The CRSO mandate is to survey the most pressing security issues of today and to provide informed policy-relevant recommendations as to how Track One (official) and Track Two (non-official) actors, working together, can advance regional multilateral solutions to these issues.

Canada International Council: Canada - China: Collaboration on Global Issues

The CIC's China project is to focus on building a policy framework for Canada's resumption of an effective partnership with China. The overall project has three thematic areas: 1) domestic institutional and normative contexts for engagement; 2) economic relations; 3) collaboration on global issues. Through the Centre of International Relations, Brian Job, has assumed the role of coordinator of the third theme, along with Pascale Massot (currently a UBC Master of Arts - Asia Pacific Policy Studies student), serving as the project’s research assistant.

Climate Change and Security: A Canadian Perspective

Over the next 30 years, climate change will emerge as a global security concern of unprecedented scope and seriousness. Researchers at the Centre of International Relations have launched a research project which is exploring the security implications of climate change for Canada.  Learn more...

Trafficking in Persons in Australia

This project, carried out jointly between The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, and The University of British Columbia, provides the first comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon of trafficking in persons, especially women and children, and their exploitation in the sex industry and other forms of forced labour in Australia. Learn more...

Organized Crime Offences in the Asia Pacific Region

This study analyses organised crime legislation in the Asia Pacific region, and its aim is to to assess the adequacy and efficiency of the existing provisions under domestic and international laws, and to develop recommendations for law reform to prevent and suppress organised crime more effectively in the region. Click here to learn or click here to view the project website.