No. 51
Creating Space for Emancipartory Human Security: Liberal Obstructions and the Potential of Agonism, by Jen Peterson.

No. 50
The pervasiveness and absence of ‘the political’? A consideration of the varied role of politics in peacebuilding, by Jen Peterson.

No. 49
Environmental Activism or National Security Threat? Policy Options for Addressing Radical Environmental Targeting, by Kate Neville and Leanne Smythe

No. 48
The Challenge of Constructing Legitimacy in Peacebuilding: The Case of Timor-Leste, by Daisaku Higashi

No. 47
The Challenge of Constructing Legitimacy in Peacebuilding: The Case of Afghanistan, by Daisaku Higashi

No. 46
New tricks for the dogs of war, or just old w(h)ine in new Bottles? Securitisation, defence policy and civilian control in Brazil, 1994-2002, by Kai Michael Kenkel

No. 45
Is there a Specifically Canadian Perspective on the World? by Robert Cox, March 2005

No. 44
Raising the Risks of War: Defence Spending Trends and Competitive Arms Processes in East Asia, by Robert Hartfiel and Brian Job, March 2005

No. 43
China's Conception of Energy Security: Sources and International Impacts, by Christian Constantin, March 2005

No. 42
Coercion, Compromise, and Co-option Under the New Security Dilemma: Addressing Colombia's Armed Groups, by Peter Larose, March 2005

No. 41
State Sovereignty and Regional Institutionalism in the Asia Pacific, by Shaun Narine, March 2005

No. 40
Human Rights Violations and Non-Stated Armed Groups: A New Framework, by Pablo Policzer, March 2005

No. 39
Rwanda and the Politics of the Body, by Erin Baines, August 2003

No. 38
The 2002 Nuclear Posture Review: The New Triad, Counterproliferation, and U.S. Grand Strategy, by David S. McDonough, August 2003

No. 31
Beyond the Linguistic Analogy: Norm and Action in International Politics, by Kai Alderson, May 2000

No. 30
Geopolitical Change and Contemporary Security Studies: Contextualizing the Human Security Agenda, by Simon Dalby, April 2000

No. 29
Law, Knowledge and National Interests in Trade Disputes: The Case of Softwood Lumber, by George Hoberg and Paul Howe, June 1999

No. 28
The Revolution in Military Affairs and Its Impact on Canada: The Challenge and the Consequences, by Andrew Richter, March 1999

No. 27
Asia and Nonproliferation After the Cold War: Issues, Challenges and Strategies, by J.D. Yuan, February 1999

No. 26
The Problem of Change in International Relations Theory, by K.J. Holsti, December 1998

No. 25
Surrogate Sovereignty? Great Power Responsibility and "Failed States", by Robert H. Jackson, November 1998

No. 24
Small Arms Trade and Proliferation in East Asia: Southeast Asia and the Russian Far East, by Robert E. Bedeski, Andrew Andersen, and Santo Darmosumarto, September 1998

No. 23
Uniting Nations: Global Regimes and the UN System, by Mark W. Zacher, August 1998

No. 22
Multilateralism vs. Unilateralism: The International Political Economy of the Trade/Environment Nexus, by Erik Beukel, June 1998

No. 21
De Facto States in the International System, by Scott Pegg, February 1998

No. 20
Sino-Russian Confidence Building Measures: A Preliminary Analysis, by Jing-dong Yuan, January 1998

No. 19
Transnational Organized Crime and International Security, by Allan Castle, November 1997

No. 18
John Nelson (1873-1936) and the Origins of Canadian participation in APEC, by Lawrence T. Woods, October 1997

No. 17
Canada's Transatlantic Interests and the Enlargement of NATO, by Allen G. Sens and Albert Legault, August 1997

No. 16
The Why and How of EU Enlargement, by David Long, July 1997

No. 15
The Territorial Covenant: International Society and the Stabilization of Boundaries, by Robert H. Jackson and Mark W. Zacher, July 1997

No. 14
Japan's Regional and Global Coalition Participation: Political and Economic Aspects, by Frank Langdon, June 1997

No. 13
Virtual Resources: International Relations Research on the Internet, by Ronald Deibert, April 1997

No. 12
Taiwan: Between Two Nationalisms, by André Laliberté, January 1997

No. 11
Chinese Naval Power and East Asian Security, by Elizabeth Speed, August 1995

No. 10
The Evolution of Cooperative Security: Canada and the Human Dimension of the CSCE, 1973-1994, by Cathal J. Nolan, April 1995

No. 9
New Powers, Old Patterns: Dangers of the Naval Buildup in the Asia Pacific Region, by Michael Wallace and Charles Meconis, March 1995

No. 8
The Logic of Japanese Multilateralism for Asia Pacific Security, by Tsuyoshi Kawasaki, December 1994

No. 7
Asia Pacific Arms Buildups Part Two: Prospects for Control, by Shannon Selin, November 1994

No. 6
Asia Pacific Arms Buildups Part One: Scope, Causes and Problems, by Shannon Selin, November 1994

No. 5
Multilateralism: The Relevance of the Concept to Regional Conflict Management, by Brian Job, October 1994

No. 4
Hanging Out in Europe: Necessary or Discretionary? by Allen Sens, August 1994

No. 3
The Geostrategic Foundations of Peace and Prosperity in the Western Pacific Region, by Tsuyoshi Kawasaki, July 1994

No. 2
Perspectives on US-Japanese Political Economy: Making Sense of the Nichibei Economy, by Tsuyoshi Kawasaki, April 1994

No. 1
The Security of Small States in Post-Cold War Europe: A New Research Agenda, by Allen Sens, January 1994.